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Choosing me as your Realtor to lease your home is the best decision you can make as a landlord. I am so passionate about my work and will go above and my work will exceed your expectations. 

Finding the right tenant can be gruesome for a landlord. Between answering phone calls from potential tenants, running credit reports, reading applications and deciding who would be the best fit for your property is why hiring a Realtor makes all the difference.


I will schedule all of the showings and be there personally to walk the agent and potential tenants around the property. If the home is vacant I can add a supra lock box which allows only tenants with Realtors to view the property.


I think outside the box in terms of advertising your property. Your home will be posted on every major website like, Zillow, etc. So the more prospective tenants view the property, the quicker it will lease.

Photography/ Videography

I hire the top photographers to showcase just how beautiful your home is inside and out. Photography and videography will be showcased on Youtube and the MLS and websites such as, Zillow, etc.



Your next tenant is on social media more than they like to admit. I will generate advertisements via Facebook and Instagram so that way your next best-qualified tenant will see your property and inquire directly to me. And I will share with you the tenants I believe would be the perfect fit to lease your home. 


Qualifying Potential Tenants

Finding a qualified tenant who will lease your property for 12+ months shouldn't be a full-time job for you as a landlord. I will make sure any tenant interested in leasing your home will be qualified with 3 months of bank statements, 3 months of pay stubs, driver's license, social security, a credit report, and application for every adult that will be living on the property.

I use rentspree to run credit reports.

Interested in purchasing a home? Here are a few reasons why you should choose me as your buyers agent.

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